What clients say

We’re a mature organization with our own systems and departments to deal with workplace issues. However, when we reached a crisis point and needed real expertise and somebody who could really deal with it, we asked Celese to come in.

Celese gets to the root of the problem which is not easy to see from the inside when enmeshed in issues. She ‘gets dirty and doesn’t just sit there ‘in that she deals with everything including union leadership, difficult individuals and situations. She begins by untying a whole tangled mess – carefully working through it to rebuild a structure for a more comfortable workplace. She is articulate and writes a comprehensive report and then follows-up by giving people the tools to work with and by breaking it down, step by step, making it manageable, palatable and getting their buy in. She persuades people to accept recommendations and to adapt by explaining what is good for them and for the environment they are working in. The steps to resolution ensure the cure is maintained and we continue on the path.


Celese reengineered company performance by building on people’s strengths and identifying reasons to connect and align people to projects. She identified issues to address when transforming to a new platform, taking a big picture approach and using out-of-the-box thinking.

Celese created a collaborative culture by connecting different people, with diverse portfolios, in various Global geographies and cultural backgrounds to function well, despite their differences. She enabled quick transformations for new executives by providing them with an overview of the organization, rationale for the operating structure, inter relationship functioning, business challenges and focus for the future.


Celese commands attention using a calming demeanour. She is succinct and to the point.


It’s like calling Nanny 911 to resolve workplace issues.