Celese Fletcher, CHRE

Principal of The Fletcher Consultancy

Celese Fletcher is a Certified Human Resource Executive (CHRE) and the Principal of The Fletcher Consultancy. She is a sought-after facilitator for strategic planning and creating healthy and productive workplaces. Celese is also an investigator focused on resolving harassment and workplace disruption complaints. She uses integrative thinking to encourage collaborative work which results in substantial savings of management time, enhanced productivity and harmonious workplaces. She is inspired by the diversity of people’s abilities and their contribution to the success of business.  Organizations working with Celese Fletcher convert their newfound insights to improve in other areas, as they foster ongoing creativity and purposeful innovation. Her clients represent education, not-for-profit, architecture, First Nations, national rail, and entertainment sectors. Prior to her consulting work, Celese was a labour relations and human resource executive for a multinational media company where she rose from entry level to executive leadership. She has participated as an industry representative in formal reviews and tripartite forums focussing on advancing the quality of Canadian and international employment legislation.